Book news

Updating DNA’s Life Story
By JOHN WILLIAMS aug 18, 2017

An updated edition of James D. Watson’s “DNA: The Story of the Genetic Revolution” includes new material on the progress in cancer research and the latest in personal genomics.

Notes From the Book Review Archives
aug 18, 2017

In which we consult the Book Review’s past to shed light on the books of the present. This week: the legacy of Roland Barthes.

A Science Writer Embraces Buddhism as a Path to Enlightenment
By GREGORY COWLES aug 18, 2017

Robert Wright, whose book “Why Buddhism Is True” is a best seller, has been a spiritual seeker for a long time.

When Selling Out Brings Cash but Not Happiness

A writer finds commercial success in Scott Spencer’s novel “River Under the Road,” but at what cost to his self-esteem and his marriage?

Money, Murder and a Missing Heir in a Thriller Set in Greece
By THAD ZIOLKOWSKI aug 18, 2017

In Christopher Bollen’s new literary thriller, “The Destroyers,” a young playboy vanishes on the Greek island of Patmos.

Disappearing Acts: Thrillers Stalk Women With Deadly Secrets
By JACQUELINE CAREY aug 18, 2017

In three new thrillers the search is on: for a missing best friend, a possibly dead mom and a really angry stalker.

‘Surfing With Sartre’: Does Riding a Wave Help Solve Existential Mysteries?
By JAMES RYERSON aug 18, 2017

In his latest book, the philosopher Aaron James finds profound meaning in his favorite pastime.

Paperback Row
By JOUMANA KHATIB aug 18, 2017

Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

Food, Folklore and Fulfillment Against a French Backdrop
By KATE BETTS aug 18, 2017

The protagonists of two summer novels, by Nina George and Hannah Tunnicliffe, discover the lives they really want in the French region of Brittany.

Letters to the Editor
aug 18, 2017

Readers respond to the single genre issues, Allen Ginsberg and more.