Book news

Paging Big Brother: In Amazon’s Bookstore, Orwell Gets a Rewrite
By David Streitfeld aug 19, 2019

As fake and illegitimate texts proliferate online, books are becoming a form of misinformation. The author of “1984” would not be surprised.

With ‘Doxology,’ Nell Zink Delivers Her Most Ambitious and Expansive Novel Yet
By Dwight Garner aug 19, 2019

Zink’s latest, about two generations of an American family, offers a portrait of the downtown New York music scene of the late 1980s as well as a subversive history of modern American politics.

James Ellroy on His Life in Crime, His Imaginary Dog and the Need to Provoke
By David Marchese aug 19, 2019

“I’ve been writing a book for a couple of years and then they slip the chain off and I can run wild.”

In Pittsburgh, a Bookstore Where ‘Freewheeling Curiosity’ Reigns
By Mark Oppenheimer aug 18, 2019

At a shop that at times functioned as a sanctuary after the Tree of Life shooting, the owner sees his job as “a moral obligation.”

‘The Last Ocean’ Considers Dementia in All Its Uncertainty
By John Williams aug 17, 2019

Nicci Gerrard wrote about the disease after it struck her father, but her new book is “full of other people’s voices and stories as well as my own.”

Paule Marshall, Influential Black Novelist, Dies at 90
By Richard Sandomir aug 17, 2019

A child of Barbadian immigrants, Ms. Marshall drew on her upbringing to animate the lives of her characters, many of them strong women.

What Book Does Ruth Ware Call ‘Truly Terrifying’?
By Tina Jordan aug 16, 2019

Ware — whose new thriller, “The Turn of the Key,” enters the list this week at No. 3 — loves haunted-house novels, especially “The Haunting of Hill House.”

Jia Tolentino on Life With the Internet
aug 16, 2019

Tolentino talks about “Trick Mirror,” and John Taliaferro discusses “Grinnell,” his biography of a pioneering conservationist.

Debut Novels About Families Fractured by Abuse, Displacement or Death
By Jan Stuart aug 16, 2019

From Düsseldorf to Paris, Cape Cod to the Sierra Nevada, these four debut novels reveal the range and the universality of loss.

Emojis Are Language Too: A Linguist Says Internet-Speak Isn’t Such a Bad Thing
By Clay Shirky aug 16, 2019

In “Because Internet,” Gretchen McCulloch explains the accelerated evolution of the English language.