Book news

Naomi Wolf’s Publisher Cancels U.S. Release of ‘Outrages’
By Concepción de León okt 21, 2019

The book had been postponed for months after errors were uncovered earlier this year.

Tim O’Brien, a Veteran of War and Fatherhood, Opens Up to His Sons
By John Schwartz okt 21, 2019

In “Dad’s Maybe Book,” based on letters to his children over the years, the author reflects on life, death and literature.

How Raina Telgemeier Faces Her Fear
By Alexandra Alter okt 21, 2019

The graphic novelist behind “Guts” shows how she works and talks about why she opened up about her anxiety.

Rescuing Native Americans From the Imaginative Prison of the Past
By David Treuer okt 21, 2019

Finally, there is a critical mass of children’s picture books about Indigenous people living vibrant, diverse, contemporary lives.

As a Father Lies Dying, His Family Reckons With Their Troubled Legacy
By Brock Clarke okt 21, 2019

Jami Attenberg’s new novel, “All This Could Be Yours,” explores the lasting consequences of bad behavior.

A Romantic Comedy So Dark It Makes You Cry
By Jamie Fisher okt 21, 2019

The narrator of Lara Vapnyar’s “Divide Me by Zero” uses her dying mother’s unfinished math project to cope with two lovers, a husband and a stalled novel.

The First Arabic Novel to Win the International Booker Prize
By Beejay Silcox okt 21, 2019

Jokha Alharthi’s inventive multigenerational tale, “Celestial Bodies,” is also the first novel by an Omani woman to be translated into English.

She Made Thinking Exciting: The Life and Work of Susan Sontag
By Vivian Gornick okt 21, 2019

“Sontag,” Benjamin Moser’s new biography, is a skilled, lively book that works hard to capture a severely complex person.

Nick Tosches, 69, Fiery Music Writer and Biographer, Dies
By Neil Genzlinger okt 20, 2019

He brought a brash style to coverage of the rock world in the late 1960s and ’70s, then applied similar skills to novels and books on Dean Martin and Sonny Liston.

Did Harold Bloom or Toni Morrison Win the Literary Canon Wars?
By Joe Karaganis and David McClure okt 19, 2019

It wasn’t Bloom. But it wasn’t not Bloom, either.