Book news

Your Book Editor Just Snagged Your Spot on the Best-Seller List
By KEZIAH WEIR jan 19, 2018

Daniel Mallory submitted “The Woman in the Window,” a psychological thriller, under a pseudonym. His own publishing house bought it.

‘Off the Charts’
jan 19, 2018

Ann Hulbert discusses her new book about child prodigies, and Sam Graham-Felsen talks about his debut novel, “Green.”

A Young Novelist Grapples With Matters of Life and Death
By TINA JORDAN jan 19, 2018

Forget the sophomore slump — Chloe Benjamin’s second novel, “The Immortalists,” has rocketed to No. 7 in its first week on sale.

A Writer’s State of Mind
By R. O. BLECHMAN jan 19, 2018

A graphic reminder of the greatest secret to success as an author.

A Novel That Echoes Naipaul, Exploring the Limits of Freedom
By MICHAEL GORRA jan 19, 2018

Neel Mukherjee’s “State of Freedom” offers five interconnected stories set in India and exploring the lives of the unmoored.

From Isabel Allende, a Novel of Three Immigrants and a Brooklyn Misadventure

Two professors aid an undocumented worker following an accident that launches a trio of narratives about life lived across America’s borders in “In the Midst of Winter.”

From Naples to Tokyo, New Books in Translation
By ALISON McCULLOCH jan 19, 2018

Four new novels cover the globe with stories that range from the quirky to the devastating.

Paperback Row
By JOUMANA KHATIB jan 19, 2018

Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

Madeleine Thien’s New Novel of Communist Occupation Turns Inward
By LIGAYA MISHAN jan 19, 2018

“Dogs at the Perimeter” follows a woman born under the reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia as she navigates the mental perils of life as a survivor.

Beware of Family Members Bearing Gifts
By MEG WOLITZER jan 19, 2018

In “Winter,” the second in her cycle of seasonal novels, Ali Smith engineers a contentious Christmas reunion between two long-estranged sisters.