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A Smart, Heartbreaking Novel at the Crossroads of Performance and Art
By JENNY HENDRIX maj 26, 2017

A nakedly autobiographical meditation on art, Barbara Browning’s “The Gift” both mentions and belongs to the recent crop of autofiction.

New and Noteworthy Books on Military History, from Afghanistan to Waterloo
By THOMAS E. RICKS maj 26, 2017

Thomas E. Ricks reports on the hubris and sorrow of war, from ancient Greece to Afghanistan.

Bringing One of Burma’s Lost Histories to Life
By EMMA LARKIN maj 26, 2017

Charmaine Craig draws on family history in her novel about modern Burma’s power struggles.

A Cambodian Refugee Returns Home, to a Landscape Brutally Changed
By GAIUTRA BAHADUR maj 26, 2017

Vaddey Ratner’s novel “Music of the Ghosts” follows a Cambodian refugee’s return to her homeland, searching for news of her long-lost father.

Missing Persons
By CHELSEA CAIN maj 26, 2017

Where did they go? The plots of four new novels hinge on missing persons, past and present, accidentally lost or deliberately AWOL.

Debut Stories Blend Beastly Transformations With Teenage Turmoil
By HERMIONE HOBY maj 26, 2017

In Daisy Johnson’s story collection, “Fen,” teenage torment plays out in a shape-shifting world.

Letters to the Editor
maj 26, 2017

Readers respond to “Nixon’s White House Wars,” Walter Winchell’s crafting of the celebrity and more.

Irish Sisters Take Different Paths, but Not the Ones That They Expected
By SUZANNE BERNE maj 26, 2017

J. Courtney Sullivan’s novel “Saints for All Occasions” covers five decades in the lives of a pair of immigrants and their descendants in America.

Summer Reading Recommendations, From 6 Novelists Who Own Bookstores
By ALEXANDRA ALTER maj 26, 2017

Here’s what Emma Straub, Ann Patchett, Jonathan Lethem, Louise Erdrich, Judy Blume and Jeff Kinney are reading and recommending to bookstore customers.

12 New Books We Recommend This Week
maj 26, 2017

Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.