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Ben Sasse: By the Book
nov 21, 2018

The junior senator from Nebraska and author, most recently, of “Them” says he and his wife would like their children to love books: “We want them to be addicted to reading.”

‘The Condition of Secrecy’ Teems With Love for Language and the Natural World
PARUL SEHGAL nov 20, 2018

In her wide-ranging essays, the Danish writer Inger Christensen, who died in 2009, cuts her towering erudition with mischief and generosity.

Two New Books Confront Nietzsche and His Ideas
By STEVEN B. SMITH nov 20, 2018

Sue Prideaux’s “I Am Dynamite!” and John Kaag’s “Hiking With Nietzsche” offer modern interpretations of a highly controversial thinker.

Her Mother Disappeared 16 Years Ago. In This Novel, the Hunt Continues.
By TOBIAS GREY nov 20, 2018

Daisy Johnson’s debut novel, “Everything Under,” a finalist for the Man Booker Prize, riffs on timeless myths to document a daughter’s desperate search.

Paula Jones, Reconsidered
By AMANDA HESS nov 20, 2018

Twenty years after Bill Clinton was impeached, “The Clinton Affair” and “Slow Burn” put the women who accused him of sexual misconduct in a new light.

A Foreign Policy Realist Challenges America’s Zeal for Intervention
By JACOB HEILBRUNN nov 20, 2018

Stephen M. Walt’s “The Hell of Good Intentions” takes a critical look at how Washington has handled international affairs over the last several years.

The Disaster That Was the Vietnam War

Max Hastings’s “Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy, 1945-1975” condemns all sides for corruption, cynicism and outright cruelty.

New & Noteworthy
nov 20, 2018

A selection of books published this week; plus, a peek at what our colleagues around the newsroom are reading.

Fernando del Paso, Expansive Mexican Writer, Is Dead at 83
By DANIEL E. SLOTNIK nov 19, 2018

Mr. del Paso, whose novels were rife with digressions, allusions and metaphors stacked on metaphors, won the prestigious Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 2015.

‘My Brilliant Friend’: Here’s What to Know About the HBO Adaptation
By LARA ZARUM nov 19, 2018

Based on the first book of the beloved Neapolitan series by Elena Ferrante, the series faces high expectations. How does it fare? Here’s what to read.