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20 Years of L.G.B.T.Q. Lit: A Timeline
By CONCEPCIÓN DE LEÓN jun 24, 2017

From “The Vagina Monologues” to “The End of Eddy,” here are 25 books by and about L.G.B.T.Q. individuals that have shaped the genre.

Things T Editors Are Really Into Right Now
jun 23, 2017

A by-no-means exhaustive list of great things we've stumbled upon.

For These Collaborators, There’s No ‘I’ in ‘Best Seller’
By GREGORY COWLES jun 23, 2017

Neal Stephenson and the novelist Nicole Galland have teamed up on a fantasy story, “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.,” at No. 11 in hardcover fiction.

Class Ed.
By JENNIFER SZALAI jun 23, 2017

In a new book, Joan C. Williams says progressives have a strategic and ethical responsibility to try to understand the white working class.

‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’
By ANDERS NILSEN jun 23, 2017

A graphic review of Steven Pinker’s book about the dramatic decline of violence in human affairs over history.

‘The Boy Who Loved Too Much’
jun 23, 2017

Jennifer Latson talks about “The Boy Who Loved Too Much”; Daniel Menaker discusses two new books about how to understand others and make ourselves understood.

A Trip to Southern Italy to Shed Light on a Family Scandal
By MAX BYRD jun 23, 2017

Helene Stapinski has been haunted by the thought of her “criminal genes.” In “Murder in Matera,” she investigates her family’s past.

Four New Collections of Omnivorous Literary Criticism

These writers range widely, giving free play to their personal aesthetics and their avid curiosity.

When the Fox Becomes a Friend
By ELIZABETH McKENZIE jun 23, 2017

In Paula Cocozza’s hypnotic first novel, “How to Be Human,” a lonely woman strikes up a relationship with a feral fox.

A Nuanced Novel Examines the Mystery of Radicalization
By DINA NAYERI jun 23, 2017

Laleh Khadivi’s novel “A Good Country” poses the question: How does a studious American boy, the child of prosperous Iranian immigrants, fall into radical Islam?