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If Trump Were a Fictional Character ...
jan 19, 2019

Readers, inspired by a Bret Stephens column, offer their own ideas, turning to Sinclair Lewis, Cervantes, Voltaire and others.

An Adjunct Instructor’s Final Syllabus
By JULIE SCHUMACHER jan 18, 2019

You can talk to me for five minutes while I’m walking to my car.

A New Novel Conjures Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman
jan 18, 2019

A. O. Scott talks about Linn Ullmann’s new novel, and Judith Newman discusses new books about anxiety, mental illness and grief.

A Novelist Who’s Made a Career Writing About ‘The Only Woman in the Room’
By EMILY EAKIN jan 18, 2019

Marie Benedict writes books inspired by women whose achievements have been overlooked by history, including Einstein’s first wife and the film star and inventor Hedy Lamarr.

Hot Books for Cold Days
By TINA JORDAN jan 18, 2019

Chilled to the bone? Warm up by dipping into one of these books — set in blazing hot summers, during heat waves, even in the desert.

Literary Figures Who Can’t Commit
By ALI FITZGERALD jan 18, 2019

Ali Fitzgerald illustrates the fictional characters who were notoriously impossible to pin down.

Three Authors Consider Contemporary Politics, Anxiously
By MARK GREEN jan 18, 2019

New books examine disturbing trends in modern American society.

Beware Strange Psychologists: The Latest in Crime Novels
By MARILYN STASIO jan 18, 2019

Marilyn Stasio’s column travels from Manhattan to Australia to England to a forest that has hidden a dead body for 30 years.

The Civil Rights Movement Photographer Who Was Also an F.B.I. Informant

“Bluff City,” by Preston Lauterbach, delves into the double life of Ernest Withers, one of the era’s great documentarians.

A Novel That’s Part Noir Mystery, Part Love Letter to Bedford-Stuyvesant
By EMILY CULLITON jan 18, 2019

In Wil Medearis’s debut, “Restoration Heights,” a young woman goes missing in a rapidly gentrifying New York neighborhood.