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True Crime Starring the Creator of Sherlock Holmes
jul 20, 2018

Margalit Fox talks about “Conan Doyle for the Defense,” and Tina Jordan discusses this season’s thrillers.

New in Paperback: ‘Who Is Rich?,’ ‘The Stars in Our Eyes’
By JOUMANA KHATIB jul 20, 2018

Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

Y.A. Thrillers to Give You Chills This Summer
By ELISABETH EGAN jul 20, 2018

Teenagers stranded in the Alaska forest, trapped in a creepy mansion, and stuck aboard the Titanic in novels from Kate Alice Marshall, Marisha Pessl and Sarah Jane.

Many Sinners, Very Few Saints
By MARILYN STASIO jul 20, 2018

Marilyn Stasio’s Crime column features a “bitter as hell” ex-con, a homicidal professor, a near-mad narrator, and a soldier of fortune turned beach bum.

A Thriller Set at a Summer Camp Where Bad Things Happened
By ALAFAIR BURKE jul 20, 2018

Riley Sager’s “The Last Time I Lied” is about a woman who has returned to the summer camp from which her three bunkmates once mysteriously disappeared.

A Daughter’s Search for a Father Wanted for Murder
By KAREN VALBY jul 20, 2018

In Flynn Berry’s new thriller, “A Double Life,” a London doctor confronts her family’s troubled, bloody past.

He Can’t Remember His Name. Maybe He Doesn’t Want To?
By MAX BYRD jul 20, 2018

Nick Dybek’s novel “The Verdun Affair” uses the search for a World War I amnesiac’s identity to probe the emotions of those who remember all too well.

Sharks, Torpedoes, Deadly Secrets: The U.S.S. Indianapolis Tragedy
By TINA JORDAN jul 20, 2018

In “Indianapolis,” Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic expose what really happened that day in 1945 when a Japanese submarine torpedoed the Navy cruiser.

Letters to the Editor
jul 20, 2018

Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review.

What Do Novels About Evil Children Say About Us?
By RUTH FRANKLIN jul 19, 2018

Horror stories about children guilty of murderous misdeeds are perennially popular. Ruth Franklin considers what the genre tells parents about their own fears.