Book news

Review: In This ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ Love Is a Zero-Sum Game
By ALEXIS SOLOSKI nov 20, 2017

An unconventional Primary Stages adaptation of the Jane Austen novel features gags, dance breaks and other cynical silliness.

Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: The Era and Extinction of Rock Stars
By JOHN WILLIAMS nov 19, 2017

David Hepworth discusses “Uncommon People,” his new book about Bob Dylan, David Bowie and many others who shaped our idea of what a rock star is — and about why that species has disappeared.

Can’t Follow the Tax Debate? Read This.
By CONCEPCIÓN DE LEÓN nov 18, 2017

These three books help decipher tax reform.

Now You Can Read the Book From ‘Jane the Virgin’
By CONCEPCIÓN DE LEÓN nov 17, 2017

Jane Villanueva’s book will finally be published on the show. It will also be available for fans to purchase in real life.

Mother Knows Best?
nov 17, 2017

James Wolcott talks about “Raising Trump” and “The Kardashians,” and Tina Brown discusses “The Vanity Fair Diaries.”

Notes From the Book Review Archives
nov 17, 2017

In which we consult the Book Review’s past to shed light on the books of the present. This week:Elizabeth Hardwick on the art and meaning of the essay.

A Soccer Novel More About the Players Than the Play
By SAM BYERS nov 17, 2017

With masculinity in its sights, Ross Raisin’s “A Natural” dares to tackle frustration and thwarted action as its themes.

Nate Dern Narrates His Schizophrenic but Substantive Collection of Writings

In the audiobook edition of “Not Quite a Genius,” a senior writer for Funny or Die explores an impressive medley of forms, themes and voices.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Reveals Its Mysteries Anew
By GIN PHILLIPS nov 17, 2017

In a new audiobook, Kenneth Branagh reads one of Agatha Christie’s most convoluted and ingenious plots.

Other People’s Minds: Four New Story Collections
By HANNAH PITTARD nov 17, 2017

These books are linked by their interest in extreme psychological and emotional states, from paranoia to obsession to forbidden love.