Alice Borchardt: Biography

Alice Borchardt

06 okt 1939

Born as Alice Allen O’Brien on Oct 6, 1939 in New Orleans, Alice had a profound interest in story – telling right from her childhood. Alice’s parents Mr. Howard and Mrs. Katherine motivated and supported Alice to pursue her career goals. Being one among five sisters, Alice was more close to her younger sister Novelist Anne Rice since they shared similar interest.

While Alice was a teenager, their family moved to Texas. Alice started her career as a nurse in Houston. She married Clifford Borchardt and lived happily. Although Alice was practicing as a nurse, her interest in reading did not fade away. She was a voracious reader and had great interest in history. She cherished her reading habit even as an adult.

The hospital where Alice worked made staff reductions and this affected Alice’s career. After a lengthy 30yr career as a licensed vocational nurse, Alice had to leave her job. Her sister Anne who gained popularity as a writer encouraged Alice to write.

With the help of Anne, Alice published her first novel, ‘Devoted’ in 1995. She then wrote six other novels namely Beguiled, The Silver Wolf, Night of the Wolf, The Wolf King, and ‘The Dragon Queen. Among all the novels, ‘Legends of the Wolf trilogy’ gave Alice the needed recognition as a writer.

Alice wrote her stories in longhand and for some she hired a typist to transcribe her recorded notes.

Alice was a great human being who cared for all. She had a great love for cats. A lovely person and great author passed away on Jul 24, 2007 after battling cancer.