Angela Huth: Biography

Angela Huth

29 aug 1938

Angela Huth born August 29, 1938, In London, England. She has written both novels and short stories and plays dor radio, television and the stage.

Two of her earlier novels “Virginia Fly is Drowning” and “Sun Child”, she adapted for the BBC, and Land Girls was made into a feature film.

Angela Huth describes herself as as an ""old-fashioned"" writer who details the lives of ordinary people in ""small corners of England."" Her novels, frequently called tragicomedies, are poignant yet humorous explorations of the frustrations and disappointments of love.

Angela Huth has also done some non-fiction work, one which were turned into a BBC documentary shaming former Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher. Angela Huth has besides her career as a novelist worked as a journalist, photographer and television reporter.

Angela Huth has been married twice and has two children. She is very interested in the arts, ballet and (of cause) reading