Barbara Delinsky: Biography

Barbara Delinsky

09 aug 1945

Barbara Delinsky was born near Boston, Massachusetts on August 9, 1945. She has written more than 80 novels sold in more than 30 million copies, received numerous awards and have been translated into 25 languages. She began her writing career in 1980 when she came across an article about three female writers, who managed to successfully balance home, family and romance writing. She did a whole lot of research about the romantic genre and then started writing Sensuous Burgundy.

Barbara Delinsky sees herself as an everyday woman writing about normal people facing not quite so everyday problems. Her characters depth comes from her own life where she draws on own experiences and using her B.A in psychology to plan the emotional entanglements of the characters.

She is married to Steve Delinsky and they have 3 children, Andrew and the twins Eric and Jeremy. Barbara Delinsky is also very involved in charity since she had a mother that died of breast cancer when she was eight and she had breast cancer herself more than 12 years ago. Therefore she is very proud of her book Uplift: Secrets From the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors that gives good advice and tips compiled from more than 350 breast cancer survivors. Every cent made from this book is donated to help fight cancer.