Carol Goodman: Biography

Carol Goodman

Carol Goodman is an American author who was raised on Long Island. She started to write at the age of nine and grew up knowing that she wanted to be a writer. When she was 17, she entered a poetry competition and was awarded the title of young Poet of Long Island by a judging panel from Long Island University. She attended Vasaar College and majored in Latin. She used her experiences as a student for the inspiration behind her first novel which tells the story of a Latin teacher.

After she graduated, Goodman worked in publishing and then a succession of administrative jobs whilst she worked on her writing at night. She went back to college, this time studying at the University of Texas, and trained to become a Latin teacher. Her master’s report was about fantasy literature written for young adults. After graduating, Goodman taught for three years, before leaving to have her daughter, Maggie.

It was not until she returned to Long Island that Goodman’s writing career really took off. She started to write poetry again and had poems and short stories published in literary journals such as Midwest Quarterly, New York Quarterly, the Greensboro Review and Other Voices. After the success of her shorter works, Goodman decided to turn one of them into a full-length novel. This became the bestselling novel The Lake of Dead Languages which was published in 2003. This publication marked the beginning of Goodman working full time as a professional writer.

Carol Goodman and her husband currently live in Hudson Valley with their two daughters, their poodle and their Siamese cat.