Cassia Leo: Biography

Cassia Leo

The New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cassia Leo grew up in California. She has lived in three different countries and has experienced both hardship and happiness in her life.

Cassia was very much hooked to books from a young age of 6. By the time she reached 8, she began to write stories of her own. By 10 years, Cassia went a step ahead and started to mention herself as ‘New York Times Best-Seller’ on her books. This strong addiction to writing made Cassia study what is required to become an author.

Although Cassia’s passion and ambition was writing, she never tried publishing anything. It was only when she lost her job in Nov 2010 that she decided to completely focus on the novel which she was writing for more than 5 years. Since Cassia did not find any luck with publishers, she self-published it.

Tragedy stuck in Cassia Leo’s life when her home was foreclosed and she was forced to move to Portugal in Mar 2012 along with her daughter. But Cassia did not lose hope. She survived with $500 a month from the royalties and set herself a deadline to become a full-time writer.

It was the romantic novel, ‘Relentless’ that brought fame to Cassia. This novel hit the USA Today Best-Seller list and its sequel, ‘Pieces of You’ hit the New York Times best-seller list. This series including ‘Bring Me Home’ became famous as the shattered Heart Series. Cassia is also famous for her ‘Luke and Chase series’.

Cassia Leo found it harder to step up in her life initially; but with strong determination, her books hit the New York Times best-seller list three times and USA Today list eleven times making Cassia a renowned author.