Cate Holahan: Biography

Cate Holahan

Catherine "Cate" Holahan, a 2002 graduate of Princeton University, was formerly a journalist and television producer who has now turned her interest to writing suspenseful, spine-tingling mysteries. As a journalist, Holahan’s award-winning writings were published in top magazines like Business Week, the Boston Globe and the Record in New Jersey.

Among her earliest works of fiction was a short story that won first prize in the Calliope, a writers’ magazine. But her first full-length novel, Dark Turns, is a murder mystery which seems to be the genre in which she has chosen to write. The book is described as a well-crafted and riveting thriller that skillfully takes the reader down one dark turn after another to the unexpected conclusion.

As Halohan acknowledges, writing the book also allowed her to explore some of the fears she has about some of the social issues her children will have to face as they grow up in a society where there is cyber-bullying, the ubiquitous cell phone and the constant peer pressure. Her next book, The Widower’s Wife, is eagerly anticipated ahead of its release in mid-2016. She is definitely considered a writer to watch.

Catherine Holahan is married and resides in New Jersey with her husband and her two children. They also have a dog.