Catherine Coulter: Biography

Catherine Coulter

26 dec 1942

Of the 70 novels Catherine Coulter has written, an astonishing 66 have been listed as New York Times bestsellers, several of which were #1 on the bestsellers list. Born in 1942, Catherine Coulter was raised in Texas, and studied her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas. She then received a Masters degree in 19th Century European history at Boston College. Catherine Coulter says that it is this experience and the knowledge she gained which influence her writing of historical gothic romances. “Every published author will tell you,” Coulter says “to limit the unknowns in a first book, and… I had earned my M.A. in 19th Century European history and could fight in Napoleon’s army.”

The success of her historical romance novels, being enough that she could quit her full time job as a speech writer in 1982, has led to Catherine Coulter branching out to writing suspense novels in her FBI Suspense Thrillers series. The first novel of this series, The Cove, has sold over two million copies, and spent nine weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list. Every single novel in the entire 17 book series has been on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Catherine Coulter is a disciplined writer who writes for several hours each day. She has said that she begins writing on her computer at 7:30AM each day, and finishes at 11AM. She lives with her husband in California, near San Francisco, and enjoys skiing, reading, and travelling in her spare time.