Charlotte Bronte: Biography

Charlotte Bronte

21 apr 1816

Charlotte Bronte, the famous Victorian woman writer has survived and succeeded to an extent among the Bronte sisters. Charlotte’s life was indeed a miserable one. Charlotte was born on Apr 21, 1816 at Thornton, Yorkshire. After the death of her mother Maria Branwell, her aunt Elizabeth Branwell moved with them to Haworth to take care of them. Charlotte’s father also had interest in poetry.

Third among six children, Charlotte Bronte got more responsibility after the loss of her elder sisters Maria and Elizabeth. Due to the poor sanitary conditions of Clergy Daughters School and their cruel punishments, Charlotte’s sisters died of tuberculosis.

Charlotte always wished to improve her family status. Charlotte and her siblings spent most time together at home. They had access to all books at home and so they read Shakespeare, John Milton’s and many more. Since they had toys to play, they started naming each toy and created artificial stories for each toy and developed their talent.

Charlotte went to Miss Wooler’s School at Roe Head near Huddersfield for her studies. She also worked there as a teacher. Along with her sister Emily, Charlotte also went to study French and German at Brussels. She also tried to start a new School, her long time ambition but it did not work out.

When Charlotte found her sisters interest in Poetry, she decided to publish their poems along with hers under masculine pen names. Only two copies were sold. She published her works under the name ‘Currer Bell’. Charlotte’s first novel ‘The Professor’ was rejected for publication but her second novel ‘Jane Eyre’ succeeded. Charlotte’s happiness didn’t last longer. She lost her brother Branwell and Emily in 1848. The very next year she lost her sister Anne.

Although Charlotte declined all the marriage proposals, she finally married Arthur Bell Nicholas in 1854. As ill fate followed her, Charlotte died on 31 Mar, 1855 due to complications during her pregnancy.

The last among the Bronte sisters left the earth to join her family. Charlotte’s style of writing was followed by many women novelists. She is best noted for her novels Jane Eyre, Shirley and Villette.