Cheryl Strayed: Biography

Cheryl Strayed

17 sep 1968

Cheryl Strayed, born in 1968, is a well-recognized and award winning American author and anthologist. She has written several essays and articles along with four bestselling books. Most of her writings and books are in form of personal memoirs and social fiction where she emphasizes on personal advices, morals and philosophies. Strayed graduated with double Bachelors in Women’s Studies and Englosh that gave her an extra edge to cover sociological and feminist issues that are reflected in her writings. Later, she got more exposure to social issues and preferences as she worked as a political organizer, youth advocate, office employee, emergency medical technician, etc.

While her writing is greatly influenced by the socio-political exposure she got during her personal and professional life, it was the influence of her instructors and supervisors from Syacuse University that polished and enhanced her writing skills and capabilities. She was supervised and mentored by recognized and appreciated tiers including George Saunders, Mary Gaitskill, Arthur Flower and Mary Caponegro from Syracuse University, United States.

Strayed has received numerous awards as an appreciation of her literary services. She has been nominated as a finalist at the Great Lakes Book Award, enlisted in New York Times Best Seller list three times, appreciated by Oprah Winfrey, etc. Her self biographical novel Wild was adapted by film starring Reese Witherspoon in the role as Cheryl Strayed herself. Currently she is working as a feminist activist and is running an NGO with feminist objectives. She is also member of Board of directors of Feminist organization named Vida: Women in Literary Arts. She is working with this community organization to promote female writers and aspiring authors