Clarice Lispector: Biography

Clarice Lispector

10 dec 1920

Clarice Lispector was known to be the greatest women writers of the 20th century and one of Brazil’s most important literary figures. The characters that she created were mostly female and modern or Brazilian. There’s no doubt that Clarice was considered one of the symbols of modern Brazil.

Beautiful Clarice was born in the Ukrainian village of Chechelnik to a syphilitic mother. Their family moved to Brazil in 1922. She had a tough time taking care of her paralysed mother. Clarice used to enact plays to keep her mother active. Even though her efforts to cure her mother failed, Clarice developed her art of telling stories.

Clarice initially studied law and then took up journalism. The dark side of her childhood made her to remain isolated. She was closer with animals than humans. Clarice’s first novel, ‘Perto do Coracao Selvagem’ (Near to the Wild Heart) received good reviews. She is famous for her short stories. The English translation of her stories was collected as ‘The Complete Stories’.

‘The Passion According to GH’ was considered as her masterpiece. All her works brought international fame to Clarice. Many of her works were made into films. Clarice, who met with an accident in 1966, suffered the rest of her life in pain; still she wrote and published novels and stories until her death on Dec 9, 1977.

A recent biography of Clarice named, ‘Why This World’ written by Benjamin Moser depicts her life to the readers. Although there were many rumours about Clarice, Brazil values her by keeping her face on postage stamps even today.