Connie Willis: Biography

Connie Willis

31 dec 1945

Connie Willis is an American author who was born in Denver, Colorado in 1945. She was raised in Colorado as an Episcopalian. She is an incredibly prolific and critically-acclaimed writer of science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas and short stories.

Connie Willis graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1967 with a degree in English and Elementary Education. Her first novel, Water Witch (co-written with Cynthia Felice), was published in 1982 and her first collection of short stories, Fire Watch, came just 2 years later.

She is one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction authors of her generation. She has won a vast number of awards and literary prizes, including 11 Hugo awards and 7 Nebula awards, which in total are more than any other writer has ever accumulated. She has also won 4 Locus awards and has been nominated for the Arthur C Clarke award twice. In addition to her 17 novels and novellas, she has also written a huge number of short stories and short story collections.

She is also known as being an incredibly entertaining public speaker. She has a reputation for stealing the show and completely winning over the audience, regardless of the demographic. She is an eagerly anticipated speaker at conferences and conventions up and down the United States.

Connie Willis still lives in Colorado, but has moved to Greeley where she lives with her husband Courtney Willis. Together they have a daughter named Cordelia. She is still writing novels and attending book fairs and conventions across the United States.