Cynthia Bond: Biography

Cynthia Bond

Cynthia Bond is a highly acclaimed and acknowledged American Author. She belongs to East Texas and lives in Los Angeles. She is best known for her novel Ruby that has been awarded as the New York Times Best Seller. Despite of being based on controversial homosexual topics and concepts, the novel managed to receive positive criticism and appreciation from the readers as well. Ruby was the novel that gave her recognition and widespread appreciation as it became part of Oprah Book Club 2.0; got selected by the Barnes & Noble discover Great New Writers; and also got selected by the Indie Next Pick. With such multiple recognitions and acknowledgements, Bond soon became a popular figure.

The topics and subjects discussed by Cynthia Bond are also greatly influenced by her professional exposure and personal experiences. Bond was a PEN Rosenthal Fellow while she studied at the Medill School of Journalism at the Northwestern University. Later she attended the American Academy of dramatic Arts in New York. Both of these academic achievements gave her enough motivation and skills to establish herself as a mature author and literary person. Recognizing her skills and capabilities she established the Blackbird Writing Collective in 2011 to gather and value other aspiring authors like her. She was so devoted to literary services and promoting education that she started teaching to write to the homeless young people for more than fifteen years.

Currently, Bond is working to complete the second book of her critically acclaimed and highly acknowledged novel Ruby.