Diana Gabaldon: Biography

Diana Gabaldon

11 jan 1952

Diana Gabaldon is an American novelist with a diverse background from areas such as comic book writer, marine biologist and expert of scientific computation. Diana started out with a B.S in Zoology from Northern Arizona University. Later she finished both a Master degree in Marine Biology and a Ph.D. in quantitative behavioral ecology (something with statistics and animal behavior).

Diana Gabaldon grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and she is the daughter of Arizona state senator Tony Gabaldon and Jacqueline Sykes. Diana Gabaldon now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Douglas Watkins, two big, fat dachshunds, some cats and a lot of parakeets. Together they have three adult children.

As a novelist, she is most famous for her bestselling series The Outlander, which has sold more than 26 million copies. The series is published in 26 countries and 23 languages. Diana Gabaldon has won several awards including a Quill Award and the Corine International Book Prize.