Dodie Smith: Biography

Dodie Smith

03 maj 1896

More than Dodie Smith, her novel, ‘The Hundred and one Dalmations’ is still remembered by everyone. This famous book written for children reached a larger audience when Walt Disney turned the novel into an animated film. The sequel, ‘The Starlight Barking’ was also considered to be a beautiful fantasy.

Dodie Smith was born as Dorothy Gladys Smith on 3rd May, 1896 in Lancashire, England and raised in Manchester. She lost her father at a very young age and grew fatherless until the age of 14. Dodie’s family moved to London when her mother remarried.

As a student of Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Dodie did not succeed much as an actress although she wanted to become one. So in order to make her ends meet, she worked at a furniture store. Since her acting career didn’t go well as expected, she started writing plays. Her first play, ‘Autumn Crocus’ published in 1931 received huge recognition. Dodie made headlines in the paper as a failed actress who took to petty shop job and turned into a playwright.

‘Crocus’ and ‘Dear Octopus’ are few of the other popular plays written by Dodie. She married a fellow worker from the furniture store where she worked. The couple moved to U.S. When Dodie was in U.S, she wrote her first novel, ‘I Capture the Castle’. The novel also reflected how Dodie missed her hometown England. The novel was made a play in 1954. This novel labelled Dodie as a novelist from a playwright.

Dodie Smith passed away on 24 Nov, 1990. She has contributed four volumes of biography, nine novels and great plays to this society.