E. L. James: Biography

E. L. James

07 mar 1963

E. L. James is the British author of the fastest selling paper backs ever. Her 3 novels in the 50 shades series have sold more than 70 million copies worldwide and 35 millions in the USA alone. Erica Mitchell as her real name is, started out by writing fan fiction about the Twilight figures Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. These stories that mainly dealt with the erotic nature of the relationship between Bella and Edward soon developed into the stories of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Christian Grey being a very handsome billionaire who is into bondage and S/M offers the young student Anastasia Steele to sign a contract that basically allows him to spank her at will.

E.L. James claims that there is nothing in her stories, she has not fantasized about. She likes to think of her stories as providing woman with a holiday from their husbands and is very thankful whenever someone write and tells that her stories have spiced up their marriage. As she says she has always dreamt of writing novels that people really loved and with the fifty shades trilogy her dreams came true. The popularity of the trilogy especially among middle-aged woman has named the genre “mummy-porn”.

E.L. James was born by a Chilean mother and Scottish father. She grew up in Buckinghamshire in South East England. She studied history at the University of Kent before she became a studio manager’s assistant. She lives with her husband Niall Leonard and their two teenage sons in west London.