Elizabeth Bowen: Biography

Elizabeth Bowen

07 jun 1899

Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen is a well – known novelist and short – story writer of the 20th century. Born on Jun 7, 1899, Elizabeth spent her childhood days in Dublin. At the age of 7, following her father’s illness, Elizabeth left for England with her mother. In another 5 years, Elizabeth lost her mother also. Poor Elizabeth lived with her relatives on the Kentish Coast.

A great admirer of ghost stories, Elizabeth began writing short stories when she was 20. ‘Encounters’ published in 1923 was Elizabeth first collection. It was followed by many other stories and novels.

‘The Heat of the Day’ and ‘The Death of the Heart brought huge fame for Elizabeth. Few of her other works include, ‘The Demon Lover’ and ‘The House in Paris’. ‘Love’s Civil War: Elizabeth Bowen and Charles Ritchie Letters and Diaries 1941 – 1973 throw light into Elizabeth personal life.

Elizabeth has also worked for the Ministry of information in London and served as an air raid warden. She had great interest in films and film making techniques. Elizabeth started writing from early 1920s and continued till 1960s. She focussed more on the unfulfilling relationships among the upper – middle class.

A very successful writer of her time Elizabeth was praised not only by her fans but also by other writers. Supernatural fiction writer Robert Aickman considered Elizabeth Bowen to be the most distinguished living practitioner of ghost stories.