Elizabeth Chadwick: Biography

Elizabeth Chadwick

Elizabeth Chadwick is a historical novelist and was called “The best writer of medieval fiction currently around” by the Historical Novel Society. She has received international acclaim for her novels, The Greatest Knight (2005, a New York Times bestseller), and The Scarlet Lion (2006), both about William Marshall, and her books have been translated in sixteen languages. She received her first major award for her book, The Wild Hunt (1990). Chadwick received this award at Whitehall by the Prince of Wales. In 1994, she was hired by Colombia Pictures to turn the script of First Knight (starring Sean Connery and Richard Gere) into a novel. More recently, her novel To Defy a King won the 2011 RNA Prize for Historical Fiction. She published her first two novels about Eleanor of Aquitaine in 2014 (The Summer Queen) and 2015 (The Winter Crown), and is currently working on the third in the series, entitled The Autumn Throne.

As a child who grew up in a village near Glascow and reveled in making up new stories based upon those in her picture books, and who created her own new episodes of favorite television shows, Elizabeth Chadwick was a born storyteller. By age fifteen, she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in writing historical fiction.

Elizabeth Chadwick wrote during her early years as a wife and mother, and continued to do so even after being rejected by publishers. She perfected her craft and begun to win competitions, all the while digging deeper into research about the Middle Ages, which would provide the foundation for her work. She currently lives in the UK, and in addition to writing, enjoys walking with her dog, baking, reading, exploring ruins, and participating in activities with the historical re-enactment society Regia Anglorum.