Elle Casey: Biography

Elle Casey

Elle Casey is a well-known American author living in France whose books are listed in New York Times and USA Today best-sellers. Although Elle has taken up writing, she was once an attorney and teacher. Elle is a kind of person who makes a career out of her interest. She has been a stock broker, done insurance sales, restaurateur and the list goes on.

Since Elle has worked in many places and has met many kinds of people, she has become a good story-teller. Elle writes in almost all genres like action-adventure, contemporary urban fantasy, romance, romantic-thriller, paranormal, paranormal romances, science fiction and post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction.

On an average, Elle Casey publishes one novel per month. ‘Science fiction’ being her favourite genre, Elle loves to watch them either on television or movies some day.

Elle got interested in writing after reading an article about Amanda Hocking. Elle started to write from a very young age. When she was in seventh grade, Elle wrote a romantic story for her friend who had a crush on a boy. After understanding her quest in writing, Elle started to write from the year 2011.

The atmosphere should be silent or with white noise for Elle to write. One of her New York best-sellers, ‘Shine Not Burn’ was inspired from her trip to Scotland. Elle lives with her husband, three kids and a number of furry friends. Elle’s nature is to easily get bored if she masters something. Hope Elle doesn’t get bored with writing and keeps on giving good books for her fans all over the world.