Ellis Peters: Biography

Ellis Peters

28 sep 1913

Ellis Peters was born as Edith Mary Pargeter on 28 Sep, 1913 in the village of Horsehay. Her mother whose name was also named Edith inspired her a lot. The family encouraged their children to read from an early age. Ellis’ mother was so proud of Ellis, since she began writing as a child and she never used to stop writing even as a kid.

Ellis wrote in many genres like history and historical fiction to crime novels. Her first crime novel, ‘Murder in the Dispensary’ was published in 1938. But later she concentrated on other genres for nearly 20 years.

Ellis wrote under her birth name and other pseudonyms. The most popular series of Brother Cadfael were written under the pseudonym Ellis Peters and due to its success, Ellis Peters remained her name. Cadfael series were made into films as well.

Writing was not the only profession that Ellis was into. Once she worked as an administrator in the Women’s Royal Naval Service and also received the British Empire Medal.

Other novels written by Ellis include, ‘Fallen into the Pit’, ‘Death and the Joyful Woman’, ‘A Morbid Taste for Bones’ and a historical fiction including the four volume of ‘Brothers of Gwynedd Series’. Many of her books were set in Wales and its borderlands. Ellis Peters was made an officer of the order of the British Empire in 1994 and she passed away the very next year on 14 Oct, 1995.