Eloisa James: Biography

Eloisa James

26 jan 1962

Born in a family which loved books more than television, Eloisa naturally was attracted toward books. Her father Robert Bly was a poet and her mother Carol Bly, a short-story author. Robert always read classical novels to his children. But after reading the romance novels of Georgette Heyer, Eloisa became so interested that she got permission from her father to read a romance novel for every classic one.

Eloisa’s birth name is Mary Bly. Mary started writing her first novel, ‘Patent Pleasure’ with her pen name ‘Eloisa James’ in order to pay her student loan. She loves writing trilogy. Her first three novels ‘The Pleasure Trilogy’ were published in hardcover by Dell.

Eloisa’s romantic novels were so outstanding that she received 12, New York Times Best-Sellers. Her books were translated into 9 languages and have become hard –cover best-sellers in Netherlands and Spain.

With good academic background, Eloisa has been the head of Fordham’s Creative Writing Program and was also the Director of Graduate Studies in the English Department. Eloisa’s husband Alessandro Vettori is also a professor. The couple is blessed with a son and a daughter and they live in New Jersey. Eloisa manages her time between writing and academic works.