Emily Bleeker: Biography

Emily Bleeker

Emily Bleeker is an author from Chicago who balances her life as a writer and a mother of four kids. The very interest of writing came to her mind after she arranged for a writer’s workshop to her students. It was only after she discovered her interest in writing that all her imaginations and stories that were buried in her mind came to life.

Emily’s first novel, ‘Wreckage’ was released by Lake Union Publishing during Mar 2014. The novel revolves around a plane crash and a love story which is very real that the readers cannot stop reading it. ‘Wreckage’ is such a wonderful thriller that the book got placed at number two on Amazon almost since its release.

‘When I’m Gone’ is another work of Emily Bleeker which came out during Mar 2016. This is about a woman’s suffering towards the end of her life and about the love letters that she sent to her family after her death. The book has close connection with Emily since even Emily had to battle with cancer for many years. Since she knew the pain and worry of losing the loved ones, Emily has done justice to the novel, ‘When I’m Gone’. The characters are so real that the readers will get attached to them even after the story is over.

Emily Bleeker loves writing and so she is happy being a writer. Also she believes that all writers are wonderful and generous people. In addition to writing and being a mom, she also learns to play guitar, singing songs and cherish her new habit of running.