Emily Giffin: Biography

Emily Giffin

20 mar 1972

Emily Fisk Giffin was born in 1972 and although she has only written 4 books so far, she has already established herself as a bestselling author. Her last book love the one your with, debuted at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list. Film rights have been bought by 2 times Oscar winning Hilary Swank for the novels Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Her books have more than a million copies in print and have been translated into 12 different languages. So keep an eye open for future releases.

Emily Giffin started her career practicing law in New York, but only days after 9/11 she moved to London to pursue writing, her true passion. Her legal skills do come in handy though. Not only does it serve as an inspiration to her characters, like Rachel in Something Borrowed, but also when negotiating book deals and movie contracts.

Emily Giffin and her husband Hartley has 3 children, identically twins Edward and George born 2003 and youngest daughter Harriet born 2007. They now live in Atlanta