Georgette Heyer: Biography

Georgette Heyer

16 aug 1902

Georgette Heyer, an author from England is best known for her historic novels and detective fiction. Georgette’s father always encouraged his children to read. As the reading habit grew, Georgette got interested in writing as well. But she did not do anything to sharpen her skill, not even attended college.

The real fact is that Georgette had an inborn talent to writing that doesn’t require any sharpening. Jane Austen’s works inspired her a lot. Georgette wrote a story to her younger brother at the age of 17 which happened to be her first novel, ‘The Black Moth’. The novel was very well received. Georgette stayed in British East Africa for 3 years and in Yugoslavia for 1 year after marrying G. R. Rougier, then the couple moved to England. Rougier motivated her so much that most of the time it was him who gave the outlines for the thrillers which Georgette developed into a story.

Georgette did not like publicity. Although Georgette’s second novel ‘These Old Shades’ got published during the UK General Strike, the sales of the book went up to 190,000 copies which made Georgette believe that good work required no advertisement. From 1932, Georgette used to publish one romance and one thriller every year.

It was the enormous details of the era that she sets in her novel, gave Georgette Heyer a distinct name. Many critics considered it to be her greatest strength, while few thought that her works were too detailed. Georgette has also written under the pseudonym Stella Martin. All her books were so well appreciated that she remained as the best – selling author throughout her life and many of her works were adapted as movies. Many authors even copied her form of writing.

It is indeed very sad that 48 novels written by Georgette Heyer were still in print at the time of her death. Georgette died of lung cancer on Jul 4, 1974 in London. ‘My Lord John’ was the last book of Georgette and it got published after her death.