Huntley Fitzpatrick: Biography

Huntley Fitzpatrick

Huntley Fitzpatrick was born in United States as a shy young girl who was extremely fascinated by books. She spent a major part of her childhood reading and searching for good books that make it apparent that she will be pursuing her career in same domain as well. Having supportive parents, as well, she used to be gifted with presents like typewriter, cigarettes and scotch by her parents as a motivation to start writing and become more confident about her expressions and sentiments before writing them down.

In her teenage, she has developed almost all of the skills and capabilities that are required in an accomplished writer. Huntley would conduct small discussion sessions with her friends about her writing excerpts from her short writings. This would give her an opportunity to reflect on the effectiveness and emphasis within her writing. She, at the same time, also became aware of effectiveness of paradoxical emotions and sentiments that would include emotions like true and first love, emotional devotion and much more

In order to further enhance her writing skills, Fitzpatrick did her college major in Shakespeare while her minor was daydreaming. This gave her enough skills and experience in developing herself as an accomplished writer for challenging genres such as young adult romance, memoirs, fictional and non-fictional biographies

Currently, Huntley Fitzpatrick is living with her two daughters, son and husband in Massachusetts. From her Facebook account you can see that she is a devoted mother and when not taking care of her family she is taking on every small opportunity she gets to write.