Iris Johansen: Biography

Iris Johansen

07 apr 1938

After Iris Johansen’s two children left home, she concluded her career working for aniline company and took up writing romance novels, with her first story, Touch the Horizon. Johansen has seen success in this genre and has since expanded to writing historical romance, and, since 1996, crime fiction. As of 2015, Iris Johansen has sold 27 million copies, worldwide, of her more than 30 separate titles.

Whether writing romance or crime fiction, Iris Johansen is committed to maintaining factual integrity in her works. Johansen’s daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistant. Iris Johansen has called her daughter’s research work invaluable in helping her to develop plot points which are factually accurate and, in her own words “keep my plot humming”. The primary series of novels Iris Johansen has written in the crime fiction genre revolve around the character of Eve Duncan, whose work as a forensic investigator is the starting point for her involvement in the investigation of various crimes.

Iris Johansen’s son, Roy, is an Edgar award-winning playwright, and he has collaborated with Iris on a number of books, including, most recently, the standalone novel Storm Cycle.

17 of Iris Johansen’s novels in a row, from the early nineties through to 2006, have been New York Times Bestsellers, which notable achievement has only rarely been achieved before. Johansen is still married, and is a self- described dog-lover. She owns 6 dogs, whom she says play a huge part in her life.

Book list:

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2017 No Easy Target
2015 Your Next Breath
2015 Shadow Play
2014 The Perfect Witness
2014 Live to See Tomorrow
2013 Silencing Eve
2013 Hunting Eve
2013 Taking Eve
2012 What Doesn't Kill You
2012 Sleep No More
2011 Bonnie
2011 Quinn
2011 Eve
2010 Chasing the Night
2010 Eight Days to Live
2009 Deadlock
2009 Blood Game
2008 Dark Summer
2008 Quicksand
2008 The Treasure
2007 Pandora's Daughter
2006 Killer Dreams
2006 Stalemate
2005 On The Run
2005 Countdown
2004 Firestorm
2004 Blind Alley
2003 Fatal Tide
2003 Dead Aim
2002 No One to Trust
2002 Body of Lies
2001 Final Target
2000 The Search
1999 The Killing Game
1998 And Then You Die
1998 The Face of Deception
1997 Long After Midnight
1996 The Ugly Duckling
1996 Lion's Bride
1995 Dark Rider
1994 Midnight Warrior
1994 The Beloved Scoundrel
1993 The Magnificent Rogue
1993 The Tiger Prince
1993 Star Spangled Bride
1992 The Golden Barbarian
1992 Winter Bride
1991 Reap the Wind
1991 Storm Winds
1991 The Wind Dancer
1991 A Tough Man to Tame
1990 Notorious
1990 Tender Savage
1990 An Unexpected Song
1989 This Fierce Splendor
1988 Satin Ice
1988 Wild Silver
1988 Man From Half Moon Bay
1988 Blue Skies and Shining Promises
1988 Strong, Hot Winds
1987 Matilda, the Adventuress
1987 Last Bridge Home
1987 The Spellbinder
1987 Til the End of Time
1986 York, the Renegade
1986 And the Desert Blooms
1986 Always
1986 Everlasting
1985 The Forever Dream
1985 Blue Velvet
1985 White Satin
1984 The Golden Valkyrie
1984 The Trustworthy Redhead
1984 Capture the Rainbow
1984 Touch the Horizon