Jane Green: Biography

Jane Green

31 maj 1968

Jane Green was born in 1968, born in London but now lives in Connecticut with husband Ian Warburg and their blended families of six children. Besides that she is a passionate gardener, a great cook but an awful baker, she is also a concerned parent. Because do we raise our children as a bunch of narcissists, when we work so hard boosting their self confidence, cheering their every actions that we forget to teach them that in real life nobody cheers unless you really did something extraordinary.

Jane Green is considered to be one of the founding authors of the genre chick lit. Her first novel Straight Talking made her an overnight success and it got even better with number two, Jemima J, which became an international bestseller. Most of her books have been reviewed as ”the kind of novel you'll gobble up in a single sitting.” Now Jane Green has graduated to more complex, character-driven novels that explore the concerns of real women's lives, from marriage (The Other Woman) to motherhood (Babyville) to midlife crises (Second Chance).

Her own favorites include The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett, the movie Groundhog Day which see could watch over and over and over again and never get bored and Damien Rice when it comes to music.