Jennifer L. Armentrout: Biography

Jennifer L. Armentrout

11 jun 1980

Jennifer L. Armentrout is a USA Today and New York bestselling author of fantasy/science fiction romance novels for young adult readers. She also writes romance novels for adults but publishes them under the pen name of J. Lynn.

In interviews she has listed that the writers she read when she was a teenager are the ones which have most influenced her own books for young adults. These writers include Ritchie Cusick, Christopher Pike, LJ Smith and RL Stine.

Armentrout is an extremely prolific writer. Since her first novel was published in 2011, she has had more than 20 other books published. She has said that she treats her writing just as she would any other job, and writes for at least a solid 8 hours every day. She is what is known as a hybrid author: Armentrout has self-published several of her titles, and works with a combination of different presses and imprints for the rest of her books. She currently has books published with Spencer Hill Press, Harlequin, Disney/Hyperion, HarperCollins and Entangled Publishing. She was the first self-published author to reach the top of the Digital Book World Ebook Bestseller List. The film rights for her first novel, Obsidian, have been purchased by Sierra Pictures.

Jennifer L. Armentrout now lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia with her husband and her dog, Loki. In the little spare time that she has when she isn’t writing, she enjoys being active and watching zombie films.