Jennifer Weiner: Biography

Jennifer Weiner

28 mar 1970

Jennifer Weiner has a great talent for making characters that amuses you, makes you care and could be your best friend. A talent she has nourished through the years she went to Princeton University where she majored in English in 1991. For almost ten years she works as a journalist writing columns about the generation X. She writes profiles on many celebrities, about teenage drug abuse, a Presidential inauguration, Wrestle mania and many other things.

During that time she gets a few short stories published but it is not until 2001 Good in Bed gets published, which becomes a new York times best seller. In 2002 Good in bed comes out in paperback and hits bestseller lists nationwide. The novel In her Shoes is turned into a film directed by Oscar-winning Curtis Hanson, with Tony Collette, Cameron Diaz and Shirley MacLaine in the leading parts.

Jennifer Weiner is married to Adam they have two children big sister Lucy and Phoebe Pearl. They all live in Philadelphia with their rat terrier Wendell.