Jill Kargman: Biography

Jill Kargman

You would think that all chick lit writer Jill Kargman does is to write about her own upper Manhattan life. But you don’t have to look very much closer to see that here is a woman with a laid back attitude and an offbeat sense of humor that sets her apart from the typical haute couture pack that lives there. In Momzillas Jill went solo for a while from her usually writing partner Carrie Karasyov whom she has written both a screenplay and several books with.

Jill Kargman started out with a dream of being on TV as a kind of field report on a talk show a la Elisabeth Hasselbeck in The View. But before that ever happened she started out writing for magazines before she met Carrie. After their screenplay Intern for the 2000 Sundance film festival they wrote the bestselling novels The right address and Wolves in Chic Clothing

Jill Kargman is herself a big fan of Woody Allan with Hannah and her Sister as one of her favorite movies. For a Manhattan mom she has a special taste in music with bands like Audioslave, Pearl Jam and Scissor Sister among the ones she and her husband likes to go to concert with.