Julie Garwood: Biography

Julie Garwood

01 jan 1946

Books written by Julie Garwood, an American writer, are best known for its humour and poignancy. Born in Kansas, Missouri in 1944 in a big Irish family, she stands by the saying ‘Irish are great story tellers’. Julie wants her fans to get immersed in a different world while reading her books and even her fans agree this.

As a kid Julie Garwood suffered from tonsillectomy, due to which she missed many classes and was unable to read till she was eleven years. It was only because of her teacher Sister Elizabeth that Julie started to read. Elizabeth spent her entire summer helping Julie to read. Julie named one of her kid as Elizabeth, to show her love towards her teacher.

Julie had great passion in creating stories. She did freelance writing jobs so that she can stick to her passion and also spend time with her children. It was only after her third child joined School; Julie made writing as her career. One of Julie’s professors convinced her to write. Julie’s first Children’s book ‘A Girl Names Summer’ and first novel ‘Gentle Warrior’ came out as a result of that.

Ever since Julie’s first novel ‘Great Warrior’ got published in 1985, it rained all best sellers for Julie. She has written more than 27 romance novels and has got atleast 24 New York Times Best Sellers. Her novels had both historical and suspense subgenres in them. Her works were translated into dozens of languages worldwide with more than 40 million copies printed out.

Julie’s name always has a place on the best sellers list of every major publication in the country. And her themes are family, loyalty and honour. ‘For The Roses’ is one of her most popular novels and was adapted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame Production on CBS.

Julie Garwood currently lives in Leawood, Kansas. Other than writing, she also contributes her time to literacy and spends time with students sharing her passion with them.