Julie Orringer: Biography

Julie Orringer

12 jun 1973

Julie Orringer is an American author who was born in Miami in 1973. She was raised in Florida alongside her younger brother and sister. She attended Cornell University, was a member of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University.

She is a prolific writer of short stories, and her works have been published in magazines and journals such as McSweeney’s Ploughshares, The Best New American Voices, The Paris Review and The Best American Non-Required Reading.

She has been awarded a number of different prizes for her writing, including The Yale Review Editors’ Prize, Ploughshare’s Cohen Award and The Paris Review Discovery Prize. In 2004 she was awarded an NEA grant to write her novel, The Invisible Bridge, which was published in 2010. It tells the story of a student from Budapest who moves to Paris in the lead up to and throughout the Second World War. It was chosen by Amazon as their Best Book of the Month in May 2010.

Orringer’s other book, a collection of short stories, was published in 2003. It is called How to Breathe Underwater and is a compilation of 9 short works of fiction, most of them about characters who are struggling with grief and loss. This collection is now on the reading list for students in their first year at Stanford University.

Julie Orringer is married to Ryan Harty, who is also a writer, and together they live with their son in Brooklyn.