Karen Kingsbury: Biography

Karen Kingsbury

08 jun 1963

Who in the readers fraternity would not know the name Karen Kingsbury, the #1 New York Times Best-selling author and America’s most loved and favourite inspirational story-teller. Karen’s life itself is an inspiration to many people.

Born in Fairfax, VA to parents Anna and Ted Kingsbury, Karen was the oldest of five children. The nature of her dad’s job made the family move very often. Because of this, Karen got attached to books and made them her friends. When Karen was five years, she memorised the story of ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas’.

Karen grew up in San Fernando Valley. It was always her dream to become a novelist. Her heart was always filled with stories. The idea of writing grew along with her. Karen went to Cal State University Northridge and graduated in Journalism.

It was Professor Bob Scheibel in her college who ordered Karen not to stop writing after analysing her talent. Even today Karen is thankful to him. After completing the degree, Karen took the job as a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times.

Karen found love in Don and married him. When she become pregnant, she got the oppurtunity to quit her day job and sit and write at home. Karen wrote four crime books. Karen has faced many hurdles in life but she always had in her mind that she has to continue writing.

‘Where Yesterday Lives’ was Karen’s first novel. Karen writes life-changing fiction. Almost all her novels are listed in national best-sellers and many are under development as feature films and television movies. More than 25 million copies of Karen’s books are in print.

Karen Kingsbury has a healthy, happy and a supportive family. She lives in Tennessee and they have five sons, three of them are adopted from Haiti. Her daughter Kelsey is an actress who also lives nearby with her husband artist Kyle Kupecky.