Karen Marie Moning: Biography

Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning is a New York Times best-selling author and a RITA award winner. According to her, books are doors to endless adventure. Even as a child, Karen was very much attached towards books.

Karen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1964 to parents Anthony.R and Janet L.Moning. When Karen was six years old, the family moved to a farm in Indiana, where she spent most of her time raising cows, horses, tobacco, corn and other crops with her siblings.

Karen did a B.A in Society & Law in Purdue University where she also studied Philosophy, Creative Writing and Theatre. Karen had the desire to go to law school but her internship in a criminal attorney firm made her think otherwise. Karen did various jobs like a bartender, computer consultant and in insurance. While working in insurance, she wrote intercompany arbitrations and directed commercial litigation.

It was at the age of 30 that Karen decided to write fiction novels. The Highlander Series made Karen popular as an American author. The novel, ‘Beyond the Highland Mist’ which was published in 1999 got nominated for two RITA awards. In the same series, Karen released six more novels and finally the novel, ‘The Highlander’s Touch’ received the RITA award in the year 2001.

With the success and fame received from the Highlander Series, Karen started to write the New York Times best-selling FEVER series in the year 2004. Many of her novels have been listed in the New York Times best-sellers list. In fact Karen’s novel, ‘Shadow Fever’ was on top position in many best-sellers lists.

Karen Marie Moning currently splits her time between Ohio and Florida and is working on two other projects for Random House Publishing.