Kasie West: Biography

Kasie West

Kasie West is a Young Adult novelist who has written over five young adult romantic novels that have achieved great appreciation from her fans. Her recent novels include Pivot Point, The distance Between Us, On the Fence, The Fill-in Boyfriend, etc. Out of these On the Fence¸ has achieved great appreciation by the readers and a sequel is expected soon for the novel. Her books have also been nominated for the GoodReads Choice Awards.

West is an American writer who lives in Central California with her four children. She has also graduated from the Fresno State University. However, neither her graduation degree nor her professional observations are an influence for her writing. Instead, critically observing her personal interests and nature, her novels and stories are greatly influenced by her inner desires and fascinations. It is evident through her blog posts and discussions that she has more than one man in her life. She enjoys their company at the same time and is fascinated by their presence, simultaneously. Furthermore, she has also established interests in adventurous sports and outdoor activities. Both of these elements of her personal life and preferences are clearly reflected in her writing where her female protagonists are usually sport enthusiasts with a very active, witty and adventurous social life.

Her last book was released in August 2015 by the title of PS I Like You. Furthermore, she is also striving to complete her PhD.