Kathryn Stockett: Biography

Kathryn Stockett

It is really shocking to know that the American novelist Kathryn Stockett, now placed in the list of bestselling authors, never thought that she would make to that list. She felt that no one will read her book. But to her surprise, her debut novel created record and made Kathryn an established person in the writer’s fraternity.

Kathryn Stockett was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1961. She studied in the University of Alabama and acquired a degree in English and Creative Writing. After completing her graduation, Kathryn moved to New York and worked in a magazine publishing company for over nine years.

Kathryn Stockett’s first novel ‘The Help’ depicts the relationship between The Whites and their domestic servants who were African- Americans. This was during 1960’s when the Blacks were not treated fairly by their masters. Kathryn had memories of her own childhood and the maid named Dimitri who served in her house. Only when she moved to North, she understood that the Blacks were treated different in her birthplace compared to North. Kathryn wished to highlight this to society by means of her first novel.

It was indeed hard for Kathryn to publish her first novel. The novel faced more than 60 rejections and finally Susan Romer at Don Congdon agreed to publish the book in 2009. The book received great recognition and was placed in New York Times best seller list for over 100 weeks. The book sold ten million copies and got published in 42 languages. Walt Disney Studios decided to transform the novel into a movie in 2011.

Kathryn’s concern for the African-Americans can be well judged from her novel. As a return for all their sufferings, she indulges herself in conducting literacy programs, arts and also provides support to public schools. Having divorced from her husband, Kathryn lives with her daughter. She’s keenly working on her next novel and hopes to publish it soon.