Kathy Reichs: Biography

Kathy Reichs

07 jul 1948

Kathy Reichs was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1948. She was raised alongside her three sisters by her father, who worked as a manager of a meatpacking company and her mother who was a full time housewife. She had a traditional Catholic upbringing and attended three Catholic schools before heading off to university. She studied anthropology before going on to attain a PhD in skeletal biology from Northwestern University.

Reichs is a renowned crime writer, and her success comes from her intimate knowledge of forensic science. Her fictional works have been built on the back of her scientific expertise. Before turning to fiction, Reichs wrote an academic paper on her area of special interest: Forensic Osteology. She has worked with various different institutions, working on providing scientific evidence taken from human remains in high profile cases. This intimate knowledge of forensic science and of the progression of criminal cases is the biggest influence on her fiction writing, and is the reason that she is so well-respected within the field.

In the early 1990s, Kathy Reichs began to realise that her scientific knowledge could be the basis of an excellent series of crime novels. She tried several times to conquer her first novel, but once she had managed to set it down on paper, the rest of the series soon began to flow much more easily. In her Temperance Brennan series, she has pretty much had a book published every year since 1997. Her works have been translated into 30 different languages and have become international bestsellers. Her novels have also inspired the hit TV series Bones which is based on the life and writings of Kathy Reichs.

Kathy Reichs now works as a producer on the Bones set to make sure that the science used in the show is feasible and accurate. She continues to write works featuring the heroine Temperance Brennan and has also written a few novels in a series for young adults, with her son, Brendan.