Katy Evans: Biography

Katy Evans

Katy Evans is the award winning of the six books in the REAL series, and the Manwhore trilogy. The first book of this trilogy, titled Manwhore, is a bestselling novel in both the New York Times and USA Today in 2015. Katy Evans was born, raised, and lives in Texas, with her husband of seventeen years, two children, and three dogs.

Katy Evans has been writing fiction since age twelve, and she finished her first book at the age of sixteen. Though this effort remains unpublished, she continued to write numerous novels and short stories of romance, which, she says gives her the practice to make her novels and characters feel alive to her. After numerous attempts at entering contests and submitting work to publishers, Katy Evans self-published her first novel, REAL, in April 2013. The novel quickly became a bestseller in the self-published realm, before being acquired by Simon and Schuster’s publishing later that same year.

Katy Evans claims that her characters are the inspiration for her writing. According to her, the main character of the REAL series: “materialised in my mind… he grabbed me and wouldn’t let go so I had to sit down and write his story”. Katy Evans is also a big believer in astrology and energy, saying that her star signs mean a lot to her, and affect the success of her writing. “I get wary when there are Mercury Retrogrades,” she says “and I worry about my writing files on my computer.”