Kelly Rimmer: Biography

Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer is an Australian author of dramatic fiction for adults. She specialised in contemporary fiction for women.

Rimmer is a versatile writer, with each of her first four novels tackling a different genre and topic. Her first novel, Suspending Reality, was published in 2012. It explores the limits of people’s unhappiness, and the lengths that they will go to in order to change their life. The novel follows three women, all on the run from various problems in their life and it asks whether or not they will ever be able to outrun the ghosts and afflictions which seem to follow them. Rimmer’s third novel Me without You, took on a new, different tone. It is a love story about heartbreak and learning to love again. It is a much more emotional novel than Suspending Reality, which is more conserved with philosophical questions. This novel has since been published in many different languages, including Danish and Swedish.

Her fourth novel is different again, focusing on a woman who was adopted as a child. As she approaches the birth of her own child, she grapples with what it must have been like for her birth mother to give her up for adoption. She becomes obsessed with finding the woman who let her go.

Kelly Rimmer works in IT and writes in her spare time. She is a passionate reader and can usually be found devouring a book or working on her next novel. Kelly lives along with her husband and two children in rural Australia.