Kia Carrington-Russell: Biography

Kia Carrington-Russell

Kia Carrington-Russell is an Australian author known for her books about vampires and paranormal activity. She was raised in Queensland. After she graduated from high school, Carrington-Russell decided to pursue a career in freelance journalism. In 2014, she gave up reporting and instead decided to follow her dream of writing fiction.

She has only been writing fiction for a few years, and yet she has already written across an impressive range of genres including young adult, erotic fiction, fantasy, romance and dystopian fiction. She has said that in her career as an author, she hopes to write at least fifty novels across an even more diverse range of genres. Currently, she is best known for her series The Three Immortal Blades, a trilogy of novels following the adventures of Karla Grey, a shielder with the extraordinary ability to project a shield to protect herself and others.

Her first few books earned her a number 26 spot on the top 50 books to read in 2015 by ReadFree. She was also awarded Best Fantasy Series of 2014, Best Cliffhanger of 2014 and Best Book Bad Guy, also in 2014.

Kia Carrington-Russell now lives in Brisbane and still only writes part time. She has a job in logistics which requires her to work full time hours, Monday to Friday. She writes during the evening and at the weekends in order to finish her novels. In the little spare time which remains, she enjoys reading, photography, dancing and painting.