Kim Wright: Biography

Kim Wright

Kim Wright in an American author who writes mysteries and historical fiction. She has had a passion for books ever since she could read. She has mentioned in interviews how she used to check out four books from her local library in North Carolina where she grew up, take them down the road and read them as quickly as possible so that she could go back a few hours later and check out another four books. This love of reading is what drove her to write for a living. She spent more than twenty years writing articles for magazines before she turned to writing novels.

Wright is a very studious writer with strict writing habits. She is up and writing before 7am every morning, and she doesn’t stop until she has at least 1000 words. She then spends the rest of the day researching, editing or promoting her various novels.

Kim Wright is known for her standalone novels, Love in Mid Air, The Unexpected Walt and The Canterbury Sisters as well as her series of City of Mystery books. This series is set in Victorian times around the period when the first ever forensic investigation unit was established at Scotland Yard. Wright’s most recent standalone novel, Last Ride to Graceland, was published in May 2016 and tells the story of a woman who discovers the car that Elvis Presley travelled in on the last day of his life. This leads the young woman on a journey to find out whether or not Elvis was her father.

Outside of her career as an author, Kim Wright is a keen dancer and competes in ballroom dancing contests. She loves travelling, knows a thing or two about wine and is a fan of dogs. She has two children who are now grown up and one grandchild.