Kristin Cashore: Biography

Kristin Cashore

Kristin Cashore is an American fantasy author who writes books for young adults. She was raised in rural Pennsylvania with her three sisters. He attended Williams College and spent a year studying abroad in Australia. She then caught the travel bug and once she had graduated and spent time living in New York, Boston, Austin, Cambridge, Italy and London. She has worked in a wide variety of different jobs, including as a dog walker, a legal assistant, a packer in a confectionary company and an editorial assistant. During her time in Boston she enrolled in and graduated from an MA course in Children’s Literature. This is where she first started to write prose for young adults.

Her first novel, Graceling, was published in 2008. It received nominations for several awards, including the Andre Norton and the William C. Morris awards and was a New York Times bestseller. Graceling was also an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and won the 2009 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature. She has written two more books which belong to the same world: Fire and Bitterblue. Fire premiered as the 4th bestselling title in the New York Times bestseller list and was given the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award. All three books have been translated into over 30 different languages.

Kristin Cashore has put an end to her travelling for now and has settled down near Boston to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She now writes her novels full time.