Kristin Hersh: Biography

Kristin Hersh

07 aug 1966

Kristin Hersh was born on August 7, 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia and is best known as a rock star musician, singer and song writer. She began playing the guitar, writing songs and singing from her early years in school. Hersh did not have a regular upbringing, but grew up on a hippie commune with her parents. She later attended Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

Kristin Hersh admitted to being heavily influenced as a child by musicians like the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Patti Smith and the Talking Heads. She also suffered for a long time from bipolar disorder which she says colored some of her songs making them angry, edgy and primal due to the mental chaos she so frequently experienced for a while.

This got off to a somewhat late start as her first book , Rat Girl, did not appear until 2010 and documents her experience in the Throwing Muses, her first rock band that she formed when she was only a teenager still in high school. Toby Snax is her second book written for children and which was later converted into an interactive app that allowed children to not only hear her reading the story but also sing lullabies.

Her third book is more serious and focuses on her friendship with Vic Chestnut, a singer and songwriter from whom she learnt much about music and being uniquely oneself. In 2010, she made a pioneering move when she had one of her albums, Crooked, published as a book with lyrics, art, and an essay on each song as well as access to ten musical tracks. This was a unique venture and her three books show how much music dominates her life.

Kristin Hersh is married to Billy O’Connell who is also her manager and they have four sons.