Laura Ingalls Wilder : Biography

Laura Ingalls Wilder

07 feb 1867

Author Laura Ingalls life was indeed a beautiful story. That’s the reason why her auto biographical ‘Little House Kids’ books series became a popular show on television by name , ‘Little House on the Prairie’ which was aired on TV from 1974 to 1982.

Laura was born on Feb 7, 1867 in a log cabin house outside Pepin, Wisconsin which she later referred to in her book as ‘The Little House in the Big Woods’. Laura describes her initial days as full of sun shine and shadow. Since their family kept on moving, the children went to school only sometimes and mostly studied at home.

The financial situation of the family made Laura to take up a teaching job at an early age in order to support her family. But soon after marrying Almanzo, Laura quit her job to look after her children and support her husband in the farm. It was then, both Laura and Almanzo started facing lot of troubles, the horrible among them was the huge fire at their house which made them homeless.

With hope, Laura along with her husband and kids moved to Missouri, brought a land and named it ‘Rocky Ridge Farm’ and spend the rest of her life there. After many years, her daughter Rose Wilder Lane who was grown up by then, encouraged Laura to write about her childhood.

It was in 1920, Laura made her first attempt in writing her autobiography titled, ‘Pioneer Girl’ but unfortunately got rejected by all the publishers. Laura with firm determination to succeed re-worked on it by even changing the title and finally her first work of the ‘Little House’ series named ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ got published in 1932.

The overwhelming success to her book made Laura Ingalls Wilder to continue writing and she wrote the last book in the series when she was 76 years old. Laura, who gave some good children’s books to the world sadly passed away on Feb 10, 1957. Even after her death, Laura’s daughter Rose edited many of her mother’s uncompleted manuscripts and published them.