Lois Lowry: Biography

Lois Lowry

20 mar 1937

Lois Lowry originally named as Lois Ann Hammersberg is an American writer widely popular for her children’s books. Though she writes for young children, she receives both praise and criticism for choosing topics such as racism, terminal illness, murder and the Holocaust.

Lois Lowry was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to parents Katherine Gordon and Robert. E. Hammersberg. Her father was a dentist in the army. Due to his job, the family kept moving all over U.S and travelled to many parts of the world. Lois’ travel continued even after her marriage, since her husband Donald Grey also served in military.

In the midst of all these travels, Lois Lowry somehow managed to complete her degree in English Literature from University of Southern Maine. Lois was always attracted towards Photography. The first oppurtunity for her writing came in the form of a freelance work that she did for Redbook magazine.

An editor by name Houghton Mifflin, who recognised Lois’ talent, suggested her to write a children’s book. Thus Lois published ‘A Summer to Die’ when she was 40 years old. Her writing career was much to the dislike of her husband and they both split ways the same year.

Lois has written more than 30 children’s books. One of Lois work, ‘The Giver’ brought her mixed comments from readers. Inspite of the reviews, the book turned into a movie. ‘The Giver’ and ‘Number the Stars’ won her two Newbery Medals. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by Brown University. Apart from the many awards received by Lois, she was also a finalist in 2000 for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest recognition available to creators of Children’s books.

Lois splits her time between writing and spending quality time with her children and grandchildren. During her leisure time, she enjoys reading, knitting and gardening at her home in Massachusetts and Maine.