Lorna Landvik: Biography

Lorna Landvik

Lorna Landvik is an American author who was born in North Dakota. Her parents lived in Minnesota at the time, but had to cross the border in the middle of a blizzard to reach the hospital. As a young girl, Landvik loved reading was convinced that Maud Hart Lovelace wrote her ‘Betsy-Tacy’ series of books all about Lorna. She always knew that she wanted to become a writer. Before Landvik became an author, she had lots of different temporary jobs, including working in Bavaria as a chambermaid and a short stint in a clerical role at the Playboy Mansion. She has also performed as an actress in many different acclaimed stage shows.

Landvik has written 10 novels. Her most well-known novel is Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. It became a national bestseller after its publication in 2003. It is a hilarious novel which follows a group of 5 women living in small-town America across four decades of their lives.

She is also the author of Best to Laugh, a novel which has been largely inspired by Landvik’s background as an actress and comedienne. It follows a girl from Minnesota who packs up and moves to California following a string of bereavements. There she launches her career in stand-up, the first in a tender and hilarious sequence of events.

Lorna Landvik and her husband have two daughters and a dog called Julio. They live in Minnesota. Landvik no longer works as an actress, but she does put on an annual show called ‘Party in the Rec Room’ in Minneapolis. This show is completely improvised, with material prompted by suggestions from the audience.