Louisa May Alcott: Biography

Louisa May Alcott

29 nov 1832

An American novelist and Poet, Louisa May Alcott used to write under the Pseudonym of A.M. Barnard during the initial days of her career. The tomboy like Louisa was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on Nov 29, 1832 to couple Bronson Alcott and Abigail May.

Louisa’s father was a philosopher and teacher. Louisa along with her sisters received education from their father. Her childhood days passed in Boston and in Concord. As a kid, Louisa May Alcott was very much passionate about writing and visited library frequently. Her imagination had no boundaries. Louisa and her sisters used to act the plays that were written by her. She loved going to theatre.

When Louisa May Alcott was 15 years old her family suffered from severe poverty. Unable to bear this condition, Louisa challenged that she will find ways and try anything possible to give a better status to her family and at that very young age, she was confident of becoming rich and famous.

Louisa stood by her words. She did many jobs for their living. She also followed her passion by writing poetry and short stories which appeared in magazines. Louisa’s first book, ‘Flower Fables’ was published when she was 22.

Publishers from Boston requested Louisa to write a book for girls. Louisa presented them ‘Little Women’, which brought her great recognition and it was also made a film. The book ‘Hospital Sketches’ was considered a milestone in her career.

Although Louisa has published over 30 books and many story collections, she got fame from three books – ‘Little Women’, ‘An Old-Fashioned Girl’ and ‘Little Men’. She dedicated her life to writing and took care of her parents.

Louisa suffered from nervous prostration for long time and it took her life on Mar 6, 1888. The close connection between Louisa and her father is so evident from the fact that both were born on the same day and death of Louisa occurred within 24 hours after her father died.