Lucinda Riley: Biography

Lucinda Riley

Born in Ireland, Lucinda Riley is a multi-talented personality who had exhibited her skills as an actress, theatre artist and television artist in addition to being the New York Times best-selling writer.

Being an ardent fan of classic literature, Lucinda started writing at the age of 22 when she fell sick with glandular fever. Lucinda’s first novel was an instant success that it fetched her three book deal with Simon and Schuster. But Lucinda was unable to continue writing. She spent the next six years taking care of her kids. It was only after her kids started going to school that Lucinda started to write the famous novel, ‘Hothouse Flower’ (also called Orchid House).

‘Hothouse Flower’ became to be the New York Times Best Seller. The novel was selected by UK’s Richard and Judy Book Club in 2011 and it sold over 7million copies worldwide. The book was also translated into 32 languages.

Few of the other works of Lucinda includes, ‘The Girl on the Cliff’, The Lavender Garden’, ‘The Midnight Rose’ and ‘The Seven Sisters’. ‘The Seven Sisters’ was considered to be one of ambitious seven book series by Lucinda. It is an epic tale of love and loss based on the legends of the seven sisters star constellation.

Based on the huge request from her fans, Lucinda is also re-writing eight of her books which she originally published under the name Lucinda Edmonds. Lucinda Riley’s books are translated into 28 languages and published in over 38 countries. Lucinda currently lives with her husband and four children on the North Norfolk Coast in England and in South of France.