Lynn Flewelling: Biography

Lynn Flewelling

20 okt 1958

Lynn Flewelling is a world renowned author mainly popular for her fantasy novels. Lynn’s fantasy novels are translated into 12 languages. Lynn is an ardent lover of nature. She was born on Oct 20, 1958 in the beautiful landscape of Presque Isle, surrounded by lakes, mountains and potato farm. Lynn claims that she has never seen such a wonderful place in her life although she has travelled around the world.

Before becoming an author, Lynn did various jobs ranging from a necropsy technician, a house painter to a freelance journalist. Lynn’s first novel in the Nightrunner series, ‘Luck in the Shadows’ became to be a finalist for the Compton Crook Award. This was also picked as the Best First Novel by Locus Magazine Editors. Lynn’s other works, ‘Traitor’s Moon’ and ‘Hidden Warrior’ was the finalist for the Spectrum Award.

Lynn promotes feminism through her writing. She is very active in social media. She has her own website, a blog and a Yahoo Group and Lynn is very much lively in all these sites. She is a regular guest at many conventions. Lynn’s works are not only appreciated by her fans but also by her contemporaries. The film rights for the first 3 books of her Nightrunner Seriers have been bought by Csquared pictures.

Lynn Flewelling is a strong believer of Thien Buddhism and she currently lives in Redlands, California with her husband Dr. Doug and her two sons. Lynn cites T.S.Eliot, William Shakespeare and many more authors to be her inspirers. Lynn continues to write even today and also conducts creative writing workshops to students at the University of Redlands.