Maddy Lederman: Biography

Maddy Lederman

Maddy Lederman was best known for her first novel, ‘Edna in the Desert’. This brought Maddy into limelight. She was praised for portraying the feelings of a teenager in a beautiful manner.

The novel is about Edna, a teenager who is totally banned from using technology. Since Edna used to be a freak in School, the therapist advises her to take medication. But Edna’s parents had another idea of making her stay with her grandparents who live in a desert region. Since the place has no access to cell phone service, internet and television, Edna refuses initially. The novel was well received by teachers and parents who thought the book should be read by all youngsters.

Maddy Lederman did M.F.A in Theatre (Acting) from Brooklyn College. She wished to be an actor. But when she experienced the long wait for auditions, she changed her mind and started writing. Her works appeared in magazines like The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times and The Sun Runner.

But Maddy’s interest in films and TV did not change. She works in the art department for films and TV shows like The Americans, Madam Secretary, The Amazing Spiderman II, Munich and The Dictator. Maddy’s TV show, ‘ABC Bakery’ was nominated for three Golden Bells. Her screenplay for, ‘The Little Fraulein’ was an Award Finalist at the IFP market.

Although Maddy Lederman is busy most of the times, she loves spending time in travelling, taking long drives, eating out and going to a desert. Her desert craze has played a vital role in her first novel.